Andrea Block(non-registered)
Thanks for the beauty!
Marlene Allen(non-registered)
I love this!
Mike Nolan(non-registered)
Great photos Dan! You make me want to get out and expand my skills, such as they are ;-)
Scott Nilsson(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Dan - as always. Wonderful photographs on all counts, technically - but, more important, as with great artists of all types, it is the revealing of what lies within - your subjects and yourself - that is so moving. Always look forward to viewing your work, sir. Huge congrats on the website and Facebook page. Happy New Year! - Scott
Harold Hingle(non-registered)
Great website Dan... Congrats...!!!
Clare Burger(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! I love the water and sky reflections. Makes me want to take another trip to the High Sierras! Great website!
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