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DSCN1026copy2DSCN1026copy2Published in Forbes Magazine, 2004 article about Robert Cameron. This was taken in 2003 at Mr. Cameron's Show opening in Emeryville, CA. Freelance Photographer Kim Komenich was there to shoot Mr. Cameron, and I got this off-shot with my little Nikon 5700.

Mr. Cameron hired me to make this shot of one of his recipes in his book, "The Drinking Man's Diet". It was on me to shop for the ingredients, set the table, cook the food, shoot the food... and then, of course, eat the food!

Thank you Robert Cameron, and Cameron and Company for honoring me with these two experiences in my life! Robert Cameron was a giant of photography! On the level of Ansel Adams. In fact they were friends.

solewrapsolewrapContract photo for Cameron and Company. I was the chef, set designer, and photographer. Shot in my kitchen.

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